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The Bamboo House (3) – The Great Bamboo Home Builders

We continue with our feature on the “Bamboo House”. Today we look into two great bamboo home builders– IBUKU in Indonesia and BAMBOO LIVING in Hawaii.
The Most Beautiful Sustainable Home in the World
Green village, Bali
Designed an built by IBUKU


of Bali, Indonesia
IBUKU is best known for creating the architecturally award winning bamboo buildings at Green School, their current project, Green Village, is an innovative residential villa development located within walking distance to the river valley campus.  IBUKU is a full service design company that creates one of a kind designs for both residential and commercial spaces as well as artisan crafted bamboo furnishings inspired by a timeless Scandinavian design sensibility. Ibuku’s custom furnishings have captured the imagination and heart of some of the world’s leading designers, entrepreneurs and politicians.

They build lightly on the land, redefining the meaning of luxury with a clear conscience.  Bamboo is uniquely strong, beautiful, and flexible, and with its four-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration it is a uniquely efficient resource. Though bamboo has traditionally been used throughout Asia in short-term structures, new treatment methods have given it a capacity for long life.  We harvest and treat all of our own bamboo, selecting for density and maturity, then lab test to confirm its integrity.
In a world of retro-fitting or re-designing traditional items and materials to be incrementally better, IBUKU decided to wipe the slate clean and design outside of the box.  Their view on being green comes out of being logical, practical, and conscientious.
Ibuku is creating spaces where living in nature is living in style.
“We are committed to changing people’s perspective on the infinite potential of bamboo,” says Elora Hardy, Green Village CEO/Lead Designer . “Creating spaces where people can feel connected to nature without disrupting it is a thrilling design challenge for me.” (-Green Village-)
Glimpses of the Green Village
sustainable bamboo homes 
designed and built by IBUKU


“Our mission is to protect and restore our planet by pioneering the use of bamboo as a structural building material.

We believe the era of half measures has passed. Increasing the use of bamboo as a major building material is an essential step in the right direction-and it will require an important paradigm shift.

How much of a shift? An overabundance of greenhouse gases is affecting our climate, and we need to reduce and sequester the carbon we are emitting as quickly as possible. Large scale sustainable bamboo projects, like homes and eco-developments, serve as carbon sinks, and have a zero or less than zero carbon footprint.

The time to make big and bold changes is upon us.

Adopting the use of bamboo globally will help reduce global warming, restore the native forests of the world, protect our watersheds, reduce top soil erosion, and raise entire communities out of poverty. We dream big and we invite you to grow our vision with us.” Info Source
Prefab Green Homes- Affordable, green, beautiful
Here’s what BAMBOO LIVING has to say about their prefab green bamboo homes:
We envision a world where everyone can afford the prefab green home of their dreams. The beautiful style of our Zen Collection makes other prefab homes seem, well, ordinary. Imagine exposed bamboo rafters, lofty vaulted ceilings- enveloped in a living, breathing natural green home. Green building is now not just a dream, but a reality, and with standard 20’ widths and a variety of footprints, you can put Bamboo Living prefab green homes just about anywhere.

Our elegant and affordable collection has decorative options like interior and exterior paint colors (our Feng Shui consultant has picked out a few groovy colors that complement bamboo), bamboo porch railings, bamboo flooring, bamboo doors, bamboo cabinets – and more.

Presently Jeffree is Special Projects Director for WBO coordinating a worldwide mission to introduce bamboo for housing and plantations for the long term economic reconstruction in Haiti. 

Bedroom View of a Bamboo Commons Home 
from Bamboo Living

Bamboo Living Commons Collection
Image Source

The Gorgeous 2 Story Bali, David Sands Signature Collection
View Bamboo Living’s ZEN COLLECTION 
Take the PAKALANA 3D Virtual Tour 
View the Green Design Collection by David Sands

Read this feature on the Web Ecoist: “Building with Bamboo: 13 Super Sustainable Structures”

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