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Briefs on Bottled Water (3) – Anti-Bottled Water ADS

We continue with “Briefs on Bottled Water”. Today I bring you Anti-bottled Water Ads that are making people rethink bottled water purchase and consumption…

The Tappening Campaign
The Tappening campaign was founded in 2008 by two twenty-five year old marketing veterans Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo. The goal? To make it easy and cool to choose tap water over bottled water.

After seeing the documentary Garbarge!The Revolution Starts at Home, the two activists/entrepreneurs used their marketing know-how to start the company and launch the “drinking problem” ad campaign during the presidential elections of 2008.

The campaign proved successful. Obama signed Tappening’s tap water pledge and the company was able to follow up with this ad: Check out ad on Beyond the Bottle

Here are some more more ads from 
the TAPPENING TAP Water Campaign:

Here are some info you should read from Tappening’s website:
Tap Water Facts
Bottled Water Facts
Here are some more posters and informational materials that reveal the truth about bottled water:

Democracy in Acion
“I Bottle My Own”
from Riverkeeper
Filter for Good Campaign

Read About the Green Alternatives to Bottled Water
Read this “Concord, Massachusetts Becomes First U.S. City to Ban the Sale of Bottled Water”
Read this “Australian town bans bottled water
Track the bottled water bans around the world on Google Map

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