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Briefs on Bottled Water (1) – The Story of Bottled Water

Hello and welcome to a new week on Daily Dose of Art! This week we look into the truth about bottled water in a special feature called “Briefs on Bottled Water”

We start off with Annie Leonard’s short film “The Story of Bottled Water”(from the Story of Stuff Project).

The Story of Bottled Water
with Annie Leonard

Watch the Story of Bottled Water 
The Story of Bottled Water, released on March 22, 2010 (World Water Day) employs the Story of Stuff style to tell the story of manufactured demand—how you get Americans to buy more than half a billion bottles of water every week when it already flows from the tap. Over five minutes, the film explores the bottled water industrys attacks on tap water and its use of seductive, environmental-themed advertising to cover up the mountains of plastic waste it produces.

The film concludes with a call to take back the tap, not only by making a personal commitment to avoid bottled water, but by supporting investments in clean, available tap water for all.

The production partners on the film include five leading sustainability groups: Corporate Accountability International, Environmental Working Group, Food & Water Watch, Pacific Institute, and Polaris Institute.Read more about the film

Read this article : Dumping Pepsi’s Plastic by Ann Leonard
Read this Reader’s Digest article: Bottled Water vs. Tap Water Rethink What You Drink

Read about the History of Water Bottles on ehow

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