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Departing in Style (2): Cruisin’ Caskets

Halloween and the Day of the Dead are just around the corner. 
So I thought maybe I’ll bring you a feature that relates to the dead. And what else could be the most tangible thing we associate with the dead – coffins! This week I bring you a special feature called “Departing in Style”. We look into the most curious and creative coffins in the market today.

Today, I feature “Cruisin’ Caskets”…yes, car-shaped caskets!

Cruisin’ Caskets is the first and only one of its kind. This casket fabricating company creates custom car designs for the car lover that wants to leave this world in style. Info Source

The customization of these caskets are endless, perfect for those with their own particular taste in cars.The specially designed, car-shaped coffin opens as conventional coffins do, with a hinged top portion, and features the same type of upholstered interior as standard coffins. Cruisin Caskets have a fiberglass body and may come in a variety of paint colors and designs. This innovative item may feature whitewall tires and gold or chrome rims for an extra stylish look.-Images & Info from Cruisin’ Caskets-
Watch this feature about Cruisin’ Caskets on Invent This
Listen to the inventor Danny Mendez 
talk about how his car-shaped coffin idea developed.

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