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Departing in Style (1): Creative Cardboard Coffins

Halloween and the Day of the Dead are just around the corner. So I thought maybe I’ll bring you a feature that relates to the dead. And what else could be the most tangible thing we associate with the dead – coffins! This week I bring you a special feature called “Departing in Style”. We look into the most curious and creative coffins in the market today.

Today, I feature “Creative Cardboard Coffins”
Creative, Eco-Friendly 
Cardboard Coffins
by CreativeCoffins

“Our Cardboard coffins are made from carton board materials produced from unbleached pulp containing at least 60% recycled paper plus wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests.

We use only natural starch based glues in assembly – no bolts, screws, tape or other fixings. Our handles are made from natural woven cotton.

The patented design of this casket allows for a dignified and beautiful appearance which does not cause undue pollution or take up excessive amounts of valuable trees and yet is exceedingly practical.

Each cartonboard coffin weighs under 10kg which drastically reduces transport costs, also helping to reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the funeral.” 
by Creative Coffins
I say this is perfect if your beloved’s motto in life was:
“Life is like a box of chocolates,
you never know what you’re gonna get”.
by CreativeCoffins
If your beloved loved a good round of golf and had a great sense of 
humour, this pun on Callaway would be perfect.
Doublebass in Case
by CreativeCoffins
They offer different versions to ‘instrument in its case’, so whatever instrument your beloved played, they can personalize that musical case.
Rest in Peas
by CreativeCoffins
This would be a great send off
for somebody who lived for the fun of pun.

by CreativeCoffins
This would be great send-off for a DJ,
or perhpas for somebody who loved TECHNO.
See more of CreativeCoffins’ simply amazing coffin designs

Check out COLOURFUL COFFINS- another maker of picture coffins in the UK

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