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FRUITful Designs (4): Melon-Carving Festival

The healthiest part of my day is my breakfast. My husband and I make sure we share a plate of assorted cut fruit to have a healthy start to our day. So, I thought why not make a whole week’s post on fruit. I figured there must be lots of fruit-inspired creations out there. This week I share with you my discoveries in a special feature called “FRUITful Designs”.

Today I bring you MELOUNOVY – The Annual Melon-Carving Festival in the Czech Republic. This festival was first staged in 2006, and every year since, the world’s best melon carvers gather to create their latest melon masterpiece.

Sumo Wrestler Watermelon Art
Image Source

Russian Nesting Dolls Watermelon Art
Image Source

Flute Player Watermelon Art
Image Source
Vincent Van Gogh Watermelon Portrait
I call this work:
“Open Wide(as the Dentist Requested)”
Watermelon Art
Image Source

Wanna see more carvings? 
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 “Watermelon Art: 20 Awesome Carvings”

Check out some Creative Food Carvingson PapkydotCom

Swimmer and Watermelon just go perfectly, don’t you think?
Image Source

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