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FRUITful Designs (3): Goin’ Bananas

The healthiest part of my day is my breakfast. My husband and I make sure we share a plate of assorted cut fruit to have a healthy start to our day. So, I thought why not make a whole week’s post on fruit. I figured there must be lots of fruit-inspired creations out there. This week I share with you my discoveries in a special feature called “FRUITful Designs”.

Today I bring you GOIN’ BANANAS..we look into some never-been- seen-before banana fashions.

Warhol-inspired Banana Necklace
by Onch Movement
Introducing wearable art at its finest, The Onch YELLOW Banana! If you are a pop art junkie, then this Warhol-inspired necklace is for you. -Onch Movement/ Available in 4 Colors
Banana Necklace by Jianhui London
Image Source
Outrageous Banana Shoes
Designer: Kobi Levi
Kobi Levi a young Israeli designer creates humorous depictions of real-life objects or people, in the form of a shoe.

His creations, based on banana skins, slingshots, chewing gum, and even rocking chairs, are what he dubs as wearable sculpture. The freelance designer believes that unlike clothes that exist only when being worn, shoes should be ‘alive’ whether they are on or off the feet.

Check out Kobi Levi’s whimsical shoe art

Wearable Food(series)
Korean artist Sung Yeon Ju made some awesome dresses out of real fruits and vegetables as part of her series Wearable Foods. It is her first long term project, she started two years ago and it still continues to this day. This series deals with the concept of creating images that interchange the actual reality and the made-up reality on many levels.

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