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Living Lanterns (4) – Lantern Festival Paintings

Today we look into art inspired by the Lantern FestivalColor, celebration, community!
Lantern Festival
Artist: Qiu Jianguo
Gouache on rice paper
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Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year. Family members gather at home. Eating boiled sweet sticky rice balls is the tradition. A woman is making the dough, other women are putting fillings in the sticky rice balls. Mom is boiling the sticky rice balls on a traditional stove. The stove has a back splash wall with decorative images and a worship niche. The function of the niche is to worship the God of stoves, with a mini house, a candle, and incense. The Chinese characters ‘candle’ and incense. Kids are showing off their lanterns. Such a happy festival scene. 
Lantern Festival
Tianjin Folk Painting
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This bright and lively original Tianjin folk painting captures the color, fun, and excitement of the Lantern Festival, a traditional part of the Chinese New Year celebration. 
Lantern Festival of Old Town
Artist:Liu Fengtao
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Chinese Lantern Festival – Beijing
Artist: Lisette Degioanni
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People Eating Glutinous Rice Balls 
During The Chinese Lantern Festival
Image Source 
Watching Lanterns
Artist: Wang Jinxi
Gouache on rice paper
Buy from Folk Art China
Lantern Festival is the 15th day after Chinese New Year and it’s also the end of the Spring Festival. Watching lanterns is the tradition activity at night. Colorful lanterns with all kinds of shapes and patterns will be displayed, and kids love it.

Learn about the Significance of the Lantern Festival in Chinese Culture.

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