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Living Lanterns (3) – The Best Lantern Festivals in the World

Today I bring you some of the best lantern festivals in the world.

It’s unbelievable how far the lantern design has gone from the traditional Chinese red lanterns. Now there is no limit to what shape, colour and form lanterns can be crafted into. I guess the only limit would be how much the customer is willing to pay– for the lantern itself and the high electricity bill that inevitably follows.
The Montreal Lantern Festival
Montreal Botanic Gardens
Montreal, Canada
Watch Montreal’s “Magic Lanterns”
Photo Source
Shanghai Lantern Festival
Shanghai, China
Watch CCTV News about Shanghai Lantern Festival
Photos from CCTV
Taipei Lantern Festival
Taipei, Taiwan
Photos Source: Top & Bottom
New Zealand Lantern Festival
Auckland, New Zealand 
Photos by Indie Travel
View more photos of the 2012 Auckland Lantern Festival


Beijing Lantern Festival

Photo Source

Watch a feature about the Beijing Lantern Festival 
Celebration on CCTV

 “Lantern Festivals Aglow Around The World” 

Often visually breathtaking, lantern festivals are celebrated for many reasons around the world. Some are held to symbolize a holiday, others for religious reasons, some in memoriam or reflection. Info Source
Here’s one of the notable lantern festivals around the world
HAWAII, Honolulu:
Lantern Floating Hawaii is a remembrance festival held at Ala Moana Beach every Memorial Day. More than 3,000 handmade lanterns are released in honor of lost loved ones and as a prayer for a peaceful future. Participants can write memories and prayers on special paper that is stuck to the lanterns before the ceremony. Lanterns are distributed free on the day of the event.
Lanterns whether floating or flying are a stunning sight, but you wonder where they go when the spectacular show is over…here is an article that gives us the rarely mentioned side of the lantern festival story.
Now the question, few dare to ask..how safe are these sky and floating lanterns for the environment and for animals? Read this article:

“Chinese lanterns: Tranquillity masks a threat” By Jon Kelly, BBC News Magazine

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