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Kite Flying Around the World (3) – How to Make & Paint Your Own Kite

September 8th and 9th this year are specially marked days for kite flying enthusiasts in Singapore. NTUC Income (the country’s leading composite insurer) sponsors the annual Kite Festival Singapore– a time for young and old to have some good clean fun. I thought this week would be a great opportunity to bring you “Kite Flying Around the World”

Today we’ll learn How To Make A Kite. I found two instructional kite-making videos that you can follow at home. I have also included step-by-step instructions on painting your own kite.

Watch this video on 

Learn How to Make a Traditional Kite

Your Own Handpainted Kite
You’ll need:
-a paintable homemade kite
or store-bought paint-your-own kite kit (I got mine from Art Friend, Singapore)
-acrylic paints in the colors of your choice
-dimensional craft paint (Puffy Paint for example)
-design idea on paper

The Concept:
I originally wanted to make a statement with a kite painted in the theme “Debt Free”. You see in Singapore the average person here carries 10-18 credit cards because promos and discounts here are specific to certain credit cards. And Singaporeans want to get every single ‘good deal’ out there. 

But then I changed my mind, since debt is not the only thing that can weigh a heart down and keep it from being truly free. Some people are enslaved by other earthly attachments. So I changed the concept to “Set Your Heart Free”. When I started with this project, I wasn’t sure where I would take the concept but I was sure of one thing- I wanted to fill the kite with a winged heart. So here are the steps:

Steps to Painting Your Flying Work of Art

Step 1
Draw your design idea on paper.
Have some kind of inspiration for colours nearby. 
I had a multi-colored ‘cinturón Guatemalteco’
(Guatemalan belt) nearby to inspire me.

Step 2
Using a pencil, copy your design idea onto your kite.

Step 3
This step is optional.
Trace your sketch marks with a fine permanent marker.

Step 4
Start painting. 
I started at the centre with a bright red paint.

Step 5
Keep painting the different rings around the heart, 
using a different colour for every ring.

Step 6
Paint the wings with white paint,
using round strokes. Leave some spaces unpainted.

Step 7
Enhance your original design idea.
Step 8
 I added some flowers, leaves
and birds to my original design idea.

Step 9
Using dimensional craft paint, 
add some design details.

Step 10
Add some text, if desired. 
I thought I might as well write my theme:
“Set Your Heart Free”

Step 11
This step is optional.
Using black dimensional craft paint,
enrich your text design by adding a text outline.

Step 12
This step is optional.
Cut 3 felt hearts, and paint similar details 
as the central heart design. 
Attach the felt hearts to the kite tails. 
For the centre mini felt heart, I used a bias tape 
to attach it to the kite.

Your work of art is now ready 
to fly high in the skies.

Kite Festival Singapore, here I come!

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.”

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