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Breasts, Bras & Beyond (4) – Breast Art Forward

July 9 is celebrated by some as “International No Bra Day”. This week, I take the great opportunity to look into the world of  “Breasts, Bras & Beyond”

Today I bring you curious art from around the world that highlight the female breasts.
“Chinese art is simply the breast”
(Info & Image Source)
It’s a lovely day in Qingyuan, in China’s Guangdong province. The birds are singing in the trees; in the distance, the Bei river flows gently on; and along the streets echoes the unmistakable sound of an ox pulling a cart with two gigantic fake breasts on it.
The vast, ball-shaped breasts were made by Chinese artist 
Shu Yong, and shown during a local arts show in Qingyuan.
The sculpture was previously featured in an exhibit in Beijing that aimed to increase appreciation for natural curves in a country where plastic surgery is booming.

Shu’s work is now being showcased to a rural audience.

“Landmark for Breasfeeding”
a bronze nude Angelina Jolie breast-feeding her twins, Vivienne and Knox. The statue demonstrates the “football-hold,” a technique for nursing two babies simultaneously.
The inspiration for the statue came from Jolie’s 2008 W Magazine cover photo that her partner, Brad Pitt, took of her breastfeeding a child. New York artist Daniel Edwards was touched by the cover and wanted to create a sculpture that encouraged mothers to nurse.
(Info & Image Source)

“String of Babies”
Sculptor Daniel Edwards 
has honored octomom Nadya Suleman 
with this Pepto-Bismol pink sculpture. 
(Info & Image Source) 
 Although we don’t see actual breasts on this one,
 i thought i’ll include it since it alludes to the nurturing function of the breasts.
Goddess of Fertility and Abundance
Artist: Mihail Chemiakin
Soho New York
Imagine her lactating, how many litters of milk 
do you think can she produce daily?

Mihail Chemiakin’s bronze iconic landmark, “Cybele,” goddess of fertility and abundance, stands on a Prince Street sidewalk at 15 feet tall with eight pairs of breasts, four pairs of buttocks, three animal heads (two rams and a lioness), and a human face. There is a mirrored window behind, allowing you to see everything at once. Something for everyone, she is the Great Female Goddess of the city’s feminists and a generous sexual icon for the male worshipers of Venus…
(Info & Image Source)
Wood sculpture from Indonesia
from Novica
Wearing a sarong, a woman bears her breasts as she looks toward the sun in a design by Eka. The expressive sculpture is crafted by hand exalting the noble grain of suar wood.
Some famous people’s perspective on breasts:
“B is for Breasts Of which ladies have two; Once prized for the function, Now for the view.” – Robert Paul Smith (Source)
“Breasts are a scandal because they shatter the border between motherhood and sexuality.” 
Iris Marion Young (Source)
“I think the quality of sexiness comes from within. It is something that is in you or it isn’t and it really doesn’t have much to do with breasts or thighs or the pout of your lips.”-Sophia Loren (Source)
“Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid.” -Rita Rudner (Source)

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