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‘Horsin’ Around’ series (5) – Singapore Food Court Horses

May 25th is Horse Day. I never knew such a day existed until I started blogging and planning out the themes for my weekly posts. So I thought this week would be a perfect  opportunity to explore the horse theme. 
Today I share with you two large horse sculptures that I found in food courts in Singapore. When I first saw them I asked myself why in the world would you have horses in a food court. So I investigated a little bit on the symbolism of these creatures in the predominantly Chinese culture of Singapore.

The Chinese Horse
A Symbol of Success, fame, endurance, courage and speed

The Horse symbolizes success, loyalty, courage, speed and endurance. It is also said the horse can bring about career success, business cures and stimulate a good reputation.

In Feng Shui, the Horse, either walking or running, can re-focus one’s energy onto the path of success or fame. However, it can also bring excessive Yang energy, due to it’s association with the element of fire, so be sure to balance it with a Yin energy symbol.

Place two horses together for a strong partnership in business or marriage. Horses should face the door or window. A Horse placed in the southwest of any room will energize luck in social interactions and in the northwest corner it will assist with a test or trial.
Black Beauty with Red Rose Saddle
Food Republic, I12 Katong MallSingapore
Drift Wood Horse Sculpture
Food Opera ION Mall 
Orchard Street, Singapore
Photo by Michael Wortman 
Drift Wood Horse Sculpture
Food Opera ION Mall, Orchard Street, Singapore
Photo by Michael Wortman

Having learned about the Feng Shui symbolism of the Horse, I now understand why Chinese businessmen would invest in a massive sculpture to display in their establishment. Next time I see one, I will pay more attention to the direction they are facing and what Yin energy symbol might be prominently displayed in the space as well.

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