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‘Horsin’ Around’ series (4) -Calgary Stampede Horses

May 25th is Horse Day. I never knew such a day existed until I started blogging and planning out the themes for my weekly posts. So I thought this week would be a perfect opportunity to explore the horse theme. 

Today I feature the Calgary Stampede. It is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Canada. It is one of the biggest events in the world where you can see the prettiest and best bred horses in action.  And of course, this is the time you’ll see real cowboys too!

Before my family’s big move to Singapore, I had lived in Calgary for 6 years and had gone to the Stampede grounds at least three times. There is always something fun to see and do there. I have to admit that I am partial to the animal and agriculture exhibition. The horses are a sight to behold!(so are the pigs, llamas, goats, the list goes on!)
“Round-up” by Linda Stewart
Entryway to Round-up Center, Calgary Stampede Grounds

Get to Know the Artist- Linda Stewart
Photo by Paulina Constancia
About the Calgary Stampede
(Info Source)

The Calgary Stampede is an annual rodeo, exhibition and festival held every July in Calgary, Canada. The ten-day event, which bills itself as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, attracts over one million visitors per year and features one of the world’s largest rodeos, a parade, midway, stage shows, concerts, agricultural competitions, chuckwagon racing and First Nations exhibitions.

The event’s roots are traced to 1886 when the Calgary and District Agricultural Society held its first fair. American promoter Guy Weadick launched his first rodeo and festival in 1912 and returned to Calgary in 1919 to organize the Victory Stampede in honour soldiers returning from World War I. It became an annual event in 1923 when Weadick’s festival merged with the Calgary Industri
al Exhibition to create the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Watch some videos on the Calgary Stampede channel

Animals & Agriculture
My Favorite Part of the Stampede
(Info Source)
The Stampede began as a way to preserve the ideals and values of the western way of life. True to its roots, agriculture is showcased in fascinating ways that will educate and entertain young and old. Thrill to the skill and speed of a cutting horse competition, or admire the majestic Heavy Horse show presented by Halliburton.

Photo Source: Calgary Stampede
Photo Source: Calgary Stampede

FAQs about Horses
Info Source

What is the average life expectancy for a horse?
The expected life span of a horse or pony is approximately twenty to thirty years. Although according to the Guinness Book of Records Old Billy believed to a Cleveland Bay cross eastern horse foaled in 1760 and lived to the incredible age of 62.

How can horses sleep when standing?
Horses and ponies can sleep standing up because of an unusual stay apparatus in their patella (kneecap). A hook situated on the inside and bottom end of the thighbone, on its hind leg, cups the patella and the medial patella ligament, preventing the leg from bending.

What are the terms used to describe the gender of a horse or pony?
Filly – A female horse or pony not yet fully grown
Colt – A male horse or pony not yet fully grown or gelded (castrated)
Mare – A fully grown female horse or pony
Stallion – A fully grown male horse or pony that has not been gelded
Gelding – A male horse or pony that has been castrated

Should horses be kept apart from other horses?
No – horses are herd animals, they are used to living as part of a group and they feel secure in the company of other equines and familiar surroundings.
Learn more about horses – diet, grooming and everything you wanted to know but never asked

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