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Kuala Lumpur series (4): Sweet Novelties

My family and I were recently on holiday in Kuala Lumpur (KL), the capital city of Malaysia. This week I wish to share with you a few sites and curiosities that I saw while in KL.

Today I feature some of the sweet novelties that I discovered while strolling the Pavilion Mall, just across the street from our hotel.

FONDANT Novelties
Did you know that Chanel now has a whole line of edible make up kits? Exclusively available in KL..hahahahaha!
Hosting a formal dinner?
Better have formal-dressed cupcakes too!
Jell-O Novelties
Have you heard of the latest 
‘Edible Fashions for BARBIE’?
Check out some everyday and easy 
JELL-O Recipes from KRAFT

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