As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Love is a Prison

Don’t let the post title scare you away. Read on and experience what I mean by “Love is a prison”. Living in San Francisco opened my eyes to different sexual orientations and non-committal relationships. To each his own, but I wanted to make a statement about love and commitment (whatever one’s orientation may be). A very solid statement indeed – it was cast in bronze, hahahaha

“Love is a Prison”
cast bronze by paulina constancia
I made this literary and visual art combo 13 years ago and now all I can  think of are the lyrics to Diana Krall‘s “Why Should I Care?” from her album When I Look In Your Eyes which goes like this…
“There’s always one to turn and walk away 
And one who just wants to stay…” 
I dedicate this post to those out there who still believe in ‘committal love’ and ‘for always’. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love holds you captive,
yet it sets you free.
It gets you rooted, grounded-
yet it builds you wings.
You may go far and high
but like a homing pigeon,
an unleashed pet –
you know your way home
and you return.
Love is divine-
need I define?
And man is the willing captive
For love is a prison-
with an open door.
“Love is a Prison”
poetry by paulina constancia
You may ask ‘which came first- the poem or the bronze?” I honestly don’t remember. All I recall is that this was a project for a sculpture class while attending the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California. 
If you’re curious about the artwork and want to try making your own…
  1. Build your sculpture using Victory brown casting wax. Note:Since bronze is an expensive medium, it is so important to keep some areas of your piece hollow so that your cast sculpture will not cost you so much money (and cause muscle pain to lift!)
  2. You may choose to build from a rough form by using wood or  cardboard to fill the volume while keeping the weight low.(these combustible form will just burn off during casting)
  3. When your artwork is ready to be cast, contact your local bronze foundry and they’ll do the preps and casting for you for a price which will normally be determined when your final piece is finished and weighed.
  4. Applying Patinas– the final step which you can either be involved in or ask the foundry to do it for you.
  5. If you don’t feel confident trying out steps 1 to 4, then I suggest you take a bronze sculpture class at your local art college.
  6. Last step for me was securing the bird cage- i got this from the Pearl Store on Market Street in San Francisco.

While searching for a link to the Pearl store on Market Street, I found out that they had closed their doors in February 2010. That is so sad! Although this may come as a delayed reaction, what a great loss to downtown San Francisco’s creative spirits. It was quite a luxury to walk through those doors and imagine the possibilities for one’s next creative adventure. Check out this link to find the Pearl stores that are still open for business.


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