As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

Komodo Pencil Case

I encountered African Folklore Embroidery at the “Stitches and Crafting Alive” fair in Calgary through Connie Anderson, a disciple of Leora Raikin .I marveled at how simple bright beautiful chain stitches on a black background could create such a dramatic effect.
“Komodo Pencil Case”
African Folklore Embroidery applied on a soft pencil case
crafted by Paulina Constancia
So I thought the Komodo dragon would be a good main figure for this African folklore embroidery pencil case project.I still remember so well the first time I encountered Komodo Dragons on the beautiful Bintan Island, Indonesia. I was quite frightened by them, although I was amazed as to how they just went about their own business- not shy at all to show up while tourists were around. This piece is a little tribute to them. With all the colors, I won’t be scared of the Komodo dragon anymore, hahahaha!
You will need…
Soft pencil case (i got this from Daiso)
Assorted embroidery threads
Acrylic paints
Ribbons (fun & lacey variety) or scrapbooking add-ons
Optional: dimensional paint, beads
Let’s Begin…
  1. Choose a main figure/subject (preferably animal/plant/person). Paint a silhouette of your subject.
  2. Using chain stitch, sew the outline of subject. On the Komodo’s body i opened the chain stitch using 2 different colours of thread and did some French knots.
  3. Add other details around the figure using chain stitch.(French knots, back stitch, cross stitch – whatever works for your design)
  4. Enhance your composition by stitching on some scrapbooking add-ons. The yellow flowers in this piece are from a ribbon
  5. Your pencil case is now ready.
Remember not to leave your pens and pencils lying around- keep them in your new African-Bintan Komodo pencil case!
Here are two books you can check out 
as a resource for this project:

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