As prescribed by Paulina Constancia

A Piece of Paradise

This piece is part of a collection I called BLOOMerang which came about as I experimented with origami paper, tissue, stickers, and scrapbook add-ons. They all come together on 6 x 6 mini canvas boards with the help of the friendly modge podge glue.
I really enjoyed making these little delights on mini-canvases that I did not name them individually. They are just all part of one movement – an explosion of color, blossoms, and humans just chillin’ with their furry friends.
BLOOMerang! (MCO1)
 art  by Paulina Constancia
Ron & Nancy Laroche Private Collection

A few years back, life took me to Canada -a country of very long winters. Being able to create daily helped keep my spirit sunny. This collection gave my inner spirit an opportunity to bloom and dance.

So if you have the winter blues or stressed at work and dying for a vacation, why not make yourself 
a little piece of paradise on a mini-canvas?

You will need:
6 x 6 canvas board
assorted scrapbooking add-ons
origami paper, textured handmade paper
modge podge glue
acrylic paint
dimensional craft paint

Let’s Begin…

  1. Think of an element of paradise to highlight in your piece. It could be  flowers, birds, coconut trees (in my example I used giant hibiscus in three bright colors). Just man and paradise in this piece, period.
  2. Now play around with your composition using some scrapbooking add-ons, and cut out some origami paper or textured handmade paper. It all depends on the look you are going for.Glue elements using modge-podge glue, remembering which ones to glue first if you are layering paper components.
  3. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Paint with acrylic and add details with the dimensional craft paint.
  5. Enjoy your piece of paradise!
If you wish to see more of the BLOOMerang collection, visit my website at www.paulinaconstancia.com


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