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Dose #41 – Ang Pow

Today, we look into the CNY tradition of giving Ang Pow (or the red money envelope)…

We continue with All I Need To Know About CNY 
I Learned from a Transit Ad
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Dose #41: Ang Pow

Spotted at: YEO’s  Transit Ads, MRT stations across Singapore

What I Learned About CNY: ” Members of the family who are married give red packets containing cash known as angpow to junior members of the family – mostly children and teenagers, as a form of blessing and to suppress the aging and challenges associated with the coming year .” -YEO’s poster

Ang Pow

Here are some Ang Pow (CNY red packets) on display at a Chinatown shop, Singapore

red envelopes-Chinatown

Below is a pastel collection of Ang Pow, given out this year at Fair Price supermarkets. Is this a sign that the Chinese are getting more open now? Happiness and luck do not come dressed only in red????

fair price ang pow

My favourite Ang Pow so far – from Nando’s and it comes with instructions on How to Share the Prosperity

ang pow-nandos with instructions

Read more about the red packet CNY tradition on cultural-china

Here is some info from a survey on TNS about how much money is allocated for the Ang Pow each year in Singapore alone…

Red Packet Money-Singapore Survey



Here’s a moving video about CNY : ” The Most Unexpected Ang Pow”

 Read this article about Cadbury’s CNY marketing strategy on marketing-interactive

rx-logo-11So do…remember to share whatever way you can. But sharing doesn’t always have to be in the form of cash. There are many ways we can share and show we care and not just on New Year’s but everyday…

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