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Dose # 16 – Bike Lockers

On my last visit to my husband’s hometown of Fort St. John, I noticed the newly installed bike lockers right in front of the Pomeroy Sports Centre. I said to myself – wow, that’s so considerate of the municipality  to make the arena easily accessible to many means of transportation.

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Dose #16: Bike Lockers

Spotted at: Pomeroy Sports Centre, Fort St. John, BC, Canada

The Idea: Making biking to the skating arena a convenient option. Imagine just sliding in and locking your bike into one of these compartments and into the arena you go to practice.  Lock up that bike, my friend and skate in peace— in Peace Country, hahaha!

FSJ bike -secured parking 1

FSJ bike -secured parking 2


FSJ bike -secured parking 3

FSJ bike -secured parking 4- against blue skies

Photo of the bike lockers set against the big, blue Western Canadian sky


rx-logo-11So do… learn from Fort St. John: when designing a facility, accommodate as many types of commuters as possible (especially the healthy and eco-friendly ones).

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