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Dose #10- Modern-Antique Screen Table

Today, an interactive station that blends modern technology with old world charm.

We continue with our feature on 7 Sentosa Screens
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Dose # 10-  Modern-Antique Screen Table

Spotted at: Sentosa Island, Singapore

The Idea: Touch screens fitted into an antique table to serve as an interactive station (using darker-finished screen frames to blend better with the stained wooden table)

The Possibilities: Historical sites can use modern  interactive screens to provide on demand information without making the technology too obtrusive or distractive (or even destructive to the ‘period’ feel)

3- touch screen-table

Old world charm + modern technology + approachability (even for little folks like my 4 year old son)

3- touch screen-table -tilted

Another version: this one is a tilted table or podium

rx-logo-11 So do… believe that in general- the old and the young can always learn something from each other, and actually get along. (if there is of course- mutual respect)

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