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Dose #8- Homey Toll Machines

We now live in a time when almost all information is delivered to us through some kind of screen. On a recent visit to Sentosa Island, I encountered screens that had a friendly appeal (sometimes even bearing old world charms).

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Dose # 8 – Homey Toll Machines

Spotted at: Monorail Station, Vivo City

The Idea: Create a feeling of embarking on a journey to a vacation island for locals and tourists. To ensure a steady flow of guests to the island, Sentosa promotes “staycations”or ‘playcations’ for locals. Thus, this Caribbean-inspired multicoloured toll machines.

The Possibilities: How about themed ATMs and parking ticket machines?

1- Entrance fee machines to playcation land

rx-logo-11 So do…try out this idea: if your business houses some sort of screened machine, find ways to make it less cold and robot-like.

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