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Dose #2: LEGO Figures

Here’s another great way to enjoy BRICK play…

We continue with 7 Sunny Ideas from Suntec City!
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Dose #2: LEGO Figures

Spotted at: Cool de Sac Singapore (find them on FB), Suntec City, Singapore

The Idea: Matted figures that kids and parents can fill with LEGO bricks

Imagine the Possibilities: Perhaps you can make a tree, a house, a fish —the possibilities are endless – you can always cut LEGO mats to fit into your desired contour.

Build together



rx-logo-11So do…help or watch your child build his LEGO figure – or you can build your own alongside him (as I did). Just play it by ear, your little one will definitely indicate to you how he’d like to go about his LEGO play. This is guaranteed to be a great bonding activity.


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