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CLIPART 2: How else can you use a paperclip?

Today we look into how different product innovators from around the world have found ways to use the paper clip design for other functions.

OKI SATO – Japan
(His design company NENDO has offices in Tokyo & Milan)
His Paper Clip-inspired product:

USB flash drive
for Elecom
A USB stick in the shape of a paperclip. It can clip to a stack of documents, business cards or memos for handing data to a colleague or friend, or connect to other DATA clips for storage. A design that aims for a new relationship between daily life and digital data.


A simple and very clever concept: paper clip plus USB = Nendo Paperclip USB flash drive
Concept Design image  via Nendo


Colorful paper Clip USB Flash Drives by Nendo
Image via Nendo



JAE HYUNG HONG – South Korea

His Paper Clip-inspired product:

Clip Hanger
In the words of the designer this product is intended for -“the small wash such as underwear, handkerchief and tie.”




CLIP HANGER by Jae hyung Hong
Image via coroflot



Her Papegisele_3_400x400r Clip-inspired product:
Clip C2 Chair

– polished stainless steel and leather; different finishes can create a variety of “look” to this chair



CLIP C2 Chair by Gisele Leiva
Image via yankodesign


Other curious products and structures using the “GEM” paperclip design:



Paperclip Lamp, 2007
Designed by Ben Collette and David Wykes
A lamp that can bend and twist to transform into an entertaining design.
Image via Behance


Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.49.59 pm

The Giant Paper Clip Wall Hook
I wanted to feature the designer behind this concept but couldn’t find this information on the web.
Image via demostore



The Paperclip Bikeracks at the Minneapolis Art Institute
Image via neatorama



Is it a sculpture? Is it a bench? It’s both & more…
2000 pound, 18 feet long paper clip sculpture by Andrew Furber at Skogfjorden
“…Skogfjorden has a sculpture of a paper clip that serves as a central meeting point for the village. It may very well be the largest in North America! Being the ingenious Norwegian invention that it is, it symbolizes our connections to each other – within the village and beyond.”  Info source
Image via skogfjorden


Paper Clip Dock

The Paper Clip Dock of Baton Rouge
Louisiana, USA
Designed by Pete Clements; Opened in 1990
Thanks to Visit Baton Rouge for providing me with this info
Image via historicalbatonrouge

image for headerSo do… as these creative professionals have done – find some other use for an already useful design, hahahaha.


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