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The KATANA Art of Nalu Miyamoto 3: Princess Tsuru

We continue with the Katana Papercutting Art of Nalu Miyamoto. Nalu shares with us – Princess Tsuru –  the third of her  series on Japanese princesses (some real and some mythical).

Katana Papercutting Art #3:
Princess Tsuru

NM: Princess Tsuru, her name means beautiful crane. She was born in the Sengoku (Warring states) period of Japan’s history. She fought with a bow and she was in action against an attack by the naval enemy, but when her fiance was killed in action she committed suicide by drowning like a beautiful crane. She was just 18 years old. And now, the people call her “Jeanne d’Arc of seto Japan. 



“Princess Tsuru”
Katana Papercutting Art by NALU MIYAMOTO
Here is the third haiku that Sairi Yoshino, a poet-friend of Nalu, has especially written to accompany the artist’s Katana art:

I fly away
I call your name my dear
I hear only the sound of the bell

鈴の音に 君の名を呼び 翔び立たん

Haiku by Sairi Yoshino
俳句 吉野 彩里
English translation by Nalu Miyamoto

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