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Animal Crafts for Kids 2: Groovy Giraffes

Welcome to Day 2 of Animal Craft for Kids! Today we will make a “Groovy Giraffes”.

About a year ago, my Japanese neighbour Niki gave me a very humorous book. It was something my little son and I could actually enjoy together. The title of the book is “Animals should definitely not wear clothing” Written by Judi Barrett and illustrated by Ron Barrett (creators of the bestselling Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs).
Ron Barrett’s illustration of this multi-necktied giraffe  is what inspired this crafting project.

  • template of giraffe
  • scissors
  • cardboard sheet
  • markers
  • craft glue
  • assortment of fabric swatches with similar colors (mine were predominantly blue)
  • dimensional paint (Puffy)
  • one-hole paper puncher
  • crafter’s hand drill
  • 2 twisty ties

How did I prepare the materials for this project? 1) I made a template of a standing giraffe. 2) I scanned the template. 3) Once I had a jpeg file of the template, I got a giraffe pattern image and traced the template.  4) I made an outline of shirt and ties. 4) I printed the new template (now with giraffe spots,shirt & ties). Below is my template. This is just a guide so please make sure you try one first for balance of legs, you might have to adjust length of legs.


1)Glue the printed giraffe template on a cardboard sheet. 

2) Cut.

3. Dress the giraffe. Kids can use coloured pens or cut fabric to fill the spaces for the giraffe’s clothing. 
Note to supervising adult: decide on developmentally appropriate medium for your child

Tips on making ties: I used sticker paper as backing for the ties and then glued them to the giraffe. (when ties are reinforced they stick out more so they look better)
7) Fold and allow to stand. 
(Note: Trim legs as needed to balance giraffe.)
8) Drill holes on upper ‘thighs’ for the twisty ties. 
9) Attach twisty ties to make giraffe more balanced.

Here are some photos of the finished 
“Groovy Giraffe”
And there you have it, your very own folded and dressed up GROOVY GIRAFFE!
Animal Crafts for Kids #2
“Groovy Giraffes”

on daily-dose-of-art.com
A Giraffe Quote For Us Today:
“Well as giraffes say, 
you don’t get no leaves 
unless you stick your neck out.”

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