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HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards 2: The Ornament Card

Welcome to Day 2 of HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards! 
Most cards just have a nice cover design and then a greeting inside. So I played around with the idea of sending something ‘more’ in the regular format of a Christmas card. Then the ornament card was born. The recipient will have the option of keeping the ornament on the card or removing it and hanging it on their Christmas tree or anywhere else they wish.
Today we will learn how to make an ornament card using an old placemat and some very basic supplies.
  • old placemat (to repurpose)-i used an IKEA bird placemat
  • scissors (big & small)
  • kraft paper and envelope
  • white card stock paper 
  • silver string
  • silver twisty
  • piercing tool
  • cotton or soft foam
  • red felt
  • white craft glue
  • red/white gingham paper(got mine from DAISO)
1. Cut the image you’re going to use from the placemat and cut white paper to use as reinforcement of cut-out. (will also bring out the colour more)
Step 1 – Photo 1
Step 1 – Photo 2
2. Using freehand or a template, cut the red felt & foam
to make a Santa hat.
Step 2

3. Cut a backing for the owl using red felt.
Step 3
4. Cut silver string (15 to 20 cm long). 
Pierce a hole through the Santa hat of owl. 
Make a hanging loop. 
Step 4
5. Position the owl as desired on the front of the folded Kraft paper and pierce the ff: 1 hole where you will push string & 2 opposite holes around neck of owl for the silver twisty. 
Step 5
6. Pull and secure with tape on the lower left back of the kraft paper. (See picture below)
Step 6
Optional: Make a matching envelope by using a square red gingham paper to line the inside of envelope. (see pictures below)
OPTIONAL: Make a matching envelope.

And there you have it— your very own HomeKRAFTed Christmas ORNAMENT CARD!
HomeKRAFTed Christmas Cards  #2
“The Ornament Card”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
“Peace on earth will come to stay, 
when we live Christmas every day.” 
Quote from goodreads 

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