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Make Your Own Christmas Tree 2: The Stripey Tree

Welcome to Day 2 of “Make Your Own Christmas Tree”! Today I share with you a way to recycle those gift boxes from last Christmas. This example uses a striped box, but you can use polka dots, floral or whatever you have available. 


How to Make your Very Own Stripey Tree
  • striped box from last Christmas (i used an IKEA gift box from last Christmas) or paint your own stripe design using the colours of my example as a guide
  • fine marker
  • scissors
  • green felt
  • green yarn (ribbon or string is ok too)
  • dimensional acrylic paint (red, green, silver)
  • optional: silver star to glue on top of tree 
1. Cut out a Christmas tree shape freehand or using a tree silhouette template (here are some examples to inspire you: shape 1, shape 2, shape 3, shape 4). *You can make it as big or as small as you want.
2. Cut an identical tree shape using a  piece of felt or cardboard and glue as a backing.
3. Use dimensional paint to add some interesting patterns on  your tree. I used red, green and silver. (use acrylic kind so it doesn’t have a sticky feel)
4. Allow to dry completely and then pierce or punch a hole at the very top of tree. Cut a 25 cm green yarn, pull through hole, and tie it to make a loop for hanging.
And there you have it—your very own Stripey Christmas Tree.
Hang it wherever you think you need 
a little cheering up during your day!
Read about the song “O Tannenbaum” (“O Christmas Tree”)
Watch Andrea Bocelli perform “O TannenbaumListen to Tony Bennett sing ‘O Christmas Tree”, Watch an animation of “O Christmas Tree” (for kids/by Muffin Songs)
Make Your Own Christmas Tree #2
“The STRIPEY Tree”
on daily-dose-of-art.com
A Little Christmas Tree TRIVIA for you:

Image Source

Did you know that at one point in American history the act of decorating a Christmas tree and hanging other yuletide decorations were punishable by law?

“To the New England Puritans, Christmas was sacred. The pilgrims’s second governor, William Bradford, wrote that he tried hard to stamp out “pagan mockery” of the observance, penalizing any frivolity. The influential Oliver Cromwell preached against “the heathen traditions” of Christmas carols, decorated trees, and any joyful expression that desecrated “that sacred event.” In 1659, the General Court of Massachusetts enacted a law making any observance of December 25 (other than a church service) a penal offense; people were fined for hanging decorations. That stern solemnity continued until the 19th century, when the influx of German and Irish immigrants undermined the Puritan legacy.”
Read more on “The History of Christmas Trees” on history.com
Read this interesting article:”The Surprising Truth: Christians Once Banned Christmas” on livescience.com

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