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Save CEBU’s Trees 4: Road Safety & Courtesy Solutions

Welcome to Day 4 of Save Cebu’s Trees! Yesterday I shared with you the causes of congestion of Cebu’s Naga-San Fernando-Carcar ‘greenway’. As we have identified, the width of the road is not so much of a concern as the way people use the road. One of the problems we have identified is the lack of awareness or understanding of the rules of the road. Thus, today we will explore the topic of ROAD SAFETY & COURTESY.

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As the lives of Cebuanos get more hectic, courtesy can suffer. And nowhere is this truer than on the road. Courtesy and respect for fellow road users makes driving more enjoyable. More importantly, the roads are safer. Too many crashes are caused by lack of courtesy and impatience.

Drunk driving*, dangerous driving and road rage are extreme examples of disrespectful driving, but the more common discourtesies that drivers can lapse into – such as slow driving, failure to indicate, or not allowing enough following distance – also lead to crashes.

*For those who think that it’s ok to drink and drive, i beg you to please take a moment to read the story of JACQUI. (watch a video of Jacqui’s story)
Read this: UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 

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Did you know?  Bad overtaking is ranked the worst driver behaviour

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1. Society must accept that bad manners and careless behaviour are a major cause of road accidents. More courtesy and care from road users will help improve road safety and reduce the number of road accidents.

2. Courtesy on the road also involves recognising and accepting some responsibility for the actions of fellow road users. It is about being forgiving and making allowances, recognising that you will benefit when this goodwill is reciprocated.

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3. More education is needed to emphasize the importance of individual behaviour and personal responsibility on the road. 
For example:
a) guidance on how to overtake other vehicles safely
b) education on the fact that stress and fatigue can reduce concentration and tolerance, & increase the risk of being involved in a crash

Here are the top driving annoyances: 

The results revealed that driver behaviour is a huge concern.(based on the results of a survey conducted by AA New Zealand)
  • Bad overtaking
  • Slow drivers
  • Tailgating
  • Aggressive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Congestion
  • Narrow roads
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Roadside hazards
Here are some Road Safety & Road Courtesy signages and sticker designs that I have gathered for you. I hope you will find them useful for sharing with your family and friends.
“Free Your Mind, Drive Without Distractions”
Oregon, USA
Image Source
“Be aware of each other. We are on this road together!”
Marin County Bicycle Coalition, California, USA

for Singaporean Drivers
Image Source

“Share the Road…Every Life Counts!”
Bike Michiana Coalition
Indiana, USA
“Don’t cut in front of trucks!”
“None for the road” sticker
Order from peace project
“How to Share the Road”
Bicycle Coaliton of Maine
Image Source

California DMV has dedicated a  page to the rights and responsibilites of bicyclists and motorists as we share the road. With a clear emphasis on safety, it openly states that the goal of sharing this critical information is to reduce death and injury from bike and car accidents.
“3 Feet to Pass”
Bicycle Colorado
Look! Before Opening Your Door
“You are NOT that Talented.
Hang up the Phone & Drive!”
Check out the collection of ‘Driving with cellphone’ bumper stickers on ZAZZLE
Here are some of my favourites: 
“Help save lives, don’t text and drive.”
“Hang Up and Drive”
“On the Phone or On The Road? Choose one.”
“Drive now. Talk later.”


Here are some Road Sharing, Road Courtesy and Road Safety Informational Videos that I have gathered for you. Please choose the video appropriate to the audience you are sharing this with. The last two videos are very graphic and are not suitable for a young audience. Thank you and I hope you learn a thing or two from them… Remember: “When we all ride safely and are considerate of others, it’s easy to Share the Road!” Source

Singapore Road Courtesy Campaign

Safe Road Sharing Campaign 
of the League of Illinois Bicyclists

Sharing the Road with Cyclists
A Road Safety Campaign, RSA Ireland

A Road Safety Educational Video for Children  by Greenlight Animation
Check out their special educational video series about  Road Safety & Traffic Security 

A Road Safety Campaign of the Royal Gibraltar Police

Road Safety Campaign of Lafarge

Road Safety Campaign -Chinese

Road Safety Campaign  of South Dakota Highway Safety

WARNING: graphic content! (not suitable for children)

“The moment you know they’re driving, 
kill the conversation!”
from MotorTorque, UK

WARNING: graphic content! (not suitable for children)

“Respect Everyone’s Journey”
“Just because you use the road, doesn’t mean you own it”
Road Safety Campaign, Northern Ireland

Going back to our beloved Greenway of Naga-San Fernando-Carcar, if there’s congestion or danger there it’s not the road that’s causing it. It’s all because we don’t know how to use and share the road. So as I said in the poem that I wrote on Day 1“Ax bad road habits, let’s save Cebu’s trees!”
Natural Canopy created by the Majestic Mature Trees
of Cebu’s  Naga-San Fernando-Carcar Greenway
Below I have attached a quote about the forest in my hope that every road user will learn from the unlimited kindness and benevolence of trees. Once again, “When we all ride safely and are considerate of others, it’s easy to Share the Road!” Source
“The forest is a peculiar organism 
of unlimited kindness and benevolence 
that makes no demands for its sustenance 
and extends generously the products 
of its life and activity; 
it affords protection to all beings.”
Click here for more Buddhist Sutras

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