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Singapore’s Super Trees 4: Play & Learn TREEhouses

Welcome to Day 4 of Singapore’s Super Trees here on DDOA! Today I bring you two spectacular Play and Learn TREEhouses.
The first one is “My TreeHouse” of the Central Public Library and the second one is the Treehouse at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.
1. Singapore Central Public Library’s
  “MY TREEHOUSE”(Children’s Library)
– world’s first green library for children, opened on 31 May 2013.
– a collaboration between the National Library Board (NLB) and City Developments Limited (CDL)
– named after its centrepiece, a tree house structure constructed with recyclable materials, which include over 3,000 recycled plastic bottles that made up the tree house’s canopy, collected from the public, schools, and visitors to City Square Mall (Singapore’s First Eco-Mall)
– this special library encourages children to explore, discover, and challenge themselves to learn about and care for the environment… Read more 
The library has been designed to create an enchanted forest ambience with fun spaces for hands-on learning and reflections. “My Tree House” takes its name aptly after the centrepiece which is a tree house structure constructed with recyclable materials. It will evoke the feeling of a special place for children as featured in story books.  Info SourcePhoto by P.Constancia
Yes, the library looks like a forest. 
Even the shelves have branches reaching to the sky!
Photo by P. Constancia
Children having a fun reading experience at the green library 
“My Tree House”. [Photo: National Library Board]  See more 
“Conceptualised, built, and operated with sustainability in mind, “My Tree House” is guided by green principles in every facet of its development and operations — from design, infrastructure, and the use of sustainable materials, to its book collection and programming. Eco-friendly building materials such as energy-efficient LED lighting, refurbished bookshelves, and carpets with green properties were used.
The library is intended to be a resource centre for children on environmental sustainability. Here, children are encouraged to learn about environmental conservation through reading, discovery, and engagement in green activities, with the aim to nurture them to be environmentally conscious adults…”Read more
A Little about the Garden: It is…
Asia’s first children’s garden 
– part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens
– dedicated to all children of Singapore
– designed to provide unique discovery and learning experiences in a garden setting
“Through play and exploration, the Children’s Garden will cultivate an appreciation for plants, nature and the environment among the young. It meets the demands for nature education in an increasingly sophisticated tropical Garden City. Developed along the theme “All Life On Earth Depends on Plants”, it is created as a unique and interactive fun place where children up to 12 years of age can discover how plants provide their daily needs. It also gives children a first introduction to the life sciences – an important branch of science as Singapore embarks on life sciences research as a new thrust for economic growth. 
Experiences in the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden will stimulate a sense of wonder for the plant world and provide happy memories for our child visitors…” Read more
The SUPER TREEhouse of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden
Photo by P.Constancia
Kids climb up the ladder to get to the tree house.
Image Source
Then they slide down onto their choice of tunnel slide.
Photo by
You’d think the higher slide would be more thrilling and appealing to kids but my 3 year old son preferred the lower slide because there was no slowing down on that one. Kids shoot down the slide at high speed, landing face down into the sand. Yup, FACE PLANTing again and again!!! How fitting to happen in a garden anyway, hahahahaha
This is a play and learn tree house you know why? Kids climb and slide again and again and again, you can be there for an hour no problem ..and the learning part? They learn about turn taking and also how to be quick to get out of the way. Another kid will be shooting down in no time. And if they don’t move fast the first time, they will eventually learn. Who wants to get kicked in the head over and over again anyway???!!!
Map of Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden


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