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Singapore’s Super Trees 2: Gardens by the Bay

Welcome to Day 2 of Singapore’s Super Trees here on DDOA! Today we look into the man-made SUPERTREES that tower over Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.
Info and Image from BBC
“They look like they belong on another planet with their wiry canopies and greenery where the bark should be, but the man-made “supertrees” that sit against the backdrop of Singapore’s central business district mimic the qualities of trees here on earth.
Seven of the 18 structures are fitted with solar panels that convert sunlight into energy.  They are part of an energy-efficient green space called Gardens by the Bay that has cost 1bn Singaporean dollars ($784m; £504m).” Read more on BBC
Young Couple In front of  a SUPERTREE
Photo by Michael Wortman
Let’s hear it from the people who built the Supertrees- Grant Associates, UK: Info Source
Design Rationale: The Supertrees are a fusion of nature, art and technology and, as such, are emblematic of the masterplan approach.  They are at one level spectacular vertical gardens and landmark features, at another they are the environmental engines for the Cooled Conservatories incorporating devices for water harvesting and storage, air intake, cooling and exhaust, photovoltaic arrays and solar collectors
Design Details of the SUPERTREES: There are a total of 18 Supertrees ranging from 25 to 50 metres in height.  12 are situated in the Supertree Grove while the remaining 6 are placed in clusters of three near the Arrival Square and Dragonfly Lake. Each Supertree is comprised of 4 major parts created in collaboration with structural engineers Atelier One.  At the core is a reinforced concrete column which provides the inner vertical structure.  Around the core a steel frame forms the trunk which flows outward to form a canopy shaped like an inverted umbrella.  During construction the canopies were assembled at ground level and then hoisted via a hydraulic jack system.  The final element is the attachment of planting panels, either within the steel skin or directly onto the concrete core.These panels are then planted in-situ to create the living skin for each Supertree. 
“At night the Supertrees come alive with lighting and projected media that activate the city skyline…” 
Image & Info from Grant Associates-UK
THE MANY DELIGHTS OF THE SUPERTREES: “During the day the Supertree canopies provide shade and shelter.  At night the Supertrees come alive with lighting and projected media that activate the city skyline.  The Supertree Grove includes a 128 metre long aerial walkway, 22 metres above ground level.  The 50 metre Supertree has a treetop bar offering a panoramic view of the Gardens and surrounding Marina Bay area…” Info from Grant Associates
So why did they build artificial Supertrees in a garden???? Here is the answer I was looking for…
“Given the relatively short time span to create a garden from reclaimed land, the Supertrees provide an immediate scale and dimension to the Gardens while marrying the form and function of mature trees.  They also create height to balance the current and future tall developments in the Marina Bay area…” (from Grant Associates).
Andrew Grant, Director of Grant Associates-UK 
talks about the Gardens by the Bay


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