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Welcome to Day 6 of New Directions in Denim. Today I bring you a jean company that’s showing the world how to take jeans to a sustainable direction..the NUDIE JEANS!

These days when some companies only use ‘sustainability’ and ‘sharing’ as a marketing strategy, it is inspiring (& heartwarming) to know that there is a company out there that takes sustainability to heart at ‘every’ level. 
Here’s what Nudie says on their website:
“Nudie Jeans has achieved the Swedish Eco label “Bra Miljöval”/ “Good Environmental Choice” for all our second hand jeans!
For us it’s about the reuse of jeans and fabric – cotton fibres last much longer then we normally tend to use or wear them. Customers will therefore get a discount on new purchases if they leave their old jeans to us. We remake and repair each pair in a personal way and sell them again, tagged with the new “Good Environmental Choice” label.

We at Nudie know it´s possible to work with fashion and good quality while aiming towards more sustainable consumption. In addition, we want to make it easier for consumers to extend the life of their garments.

FACTS: Bra Miljöval is the eco label of SSNC, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. It is referred to as “Good Environmental Choice” in English. SSNC started eco labeling in 1988 on laundry detergent and paper. The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) is an environmental organization with power to bring about change.”

A Lifestyle & Core Value for NUDIE Jeans
Let’s hear it from Maria Erixon Levin, Founder & Creative Director of NUDIE Jeans

“We have maintained the courage of our convictions during a period that has seen a number of eco-trends come and go. For us, this is a question of lifestyle, and one of our core values…..We are often asked if our values are a marketing tool, or something requested by our customers. The answer is no. It’s a choice we make in the boardroom, and a choice we make during product development. We believe our commitment to organic production should be part of our pricing and quality profile….And today, we are especially proud to say we offer 100% organic cotton across our entire range of rigid, stretch and selvage denim. This is a vital stage in the evolution of the Nudie Jeans philosophy. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been with us along the way. Read more…
Personal Note:
I didn’t really know much about Nudie until I researched for this week’s posts. At first I was repelled by the name since I just featured DENIM DAY, which is a protest against sexual abuse and violence. But after reading more about the company and its values, I now totally get it. 
It makes complete sense why they would choose to call themselves NUDIE, because they stand by the NAKED TRUTH about relationships in every level of their existence. They understand that in order for relationships to last, there has to be mutual care. 

From their commitment to organic cotton cultivation to their ‘how to break in’ and ‘how to repair your pants’ lessons for their customers, down to their recycling program… one  is bound to hear it loud and clear that this company “truly cares!”
Here’s an unbelievable naked truth NUDIE tells its customers:
“Even though your jeans are made of tightly woven cotton twill and originally made as a durable garment for workers, they won’t last forever. Repair your Pair, they say!(& they even show you how) Read More…

Click here to watch Nudie Jeans REPAIR KIT Video
Post Recycle Dry by Nudie Jeans – The Movie

CLICK HERE to Watch Post Recycle Dry – The Movie
Old worn out jeans are cut into pieces and put together into a new fabric.
Read More About the NUDIE JEANS Recycled Rugs

Read about Nudie Jeans’ Company’s ‘LIVING WAGES’
Learn about Nudie JeansEnvironmental Policy and Reporting System
Learn about Nudie Jeans’ Benefit Project for Amnesty International

Wanna support Nudie? 
If you do (like I do NOW), please check the storefinder to find one in your area, or go to shop.nudiejeans.com

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