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New Directions in DENIM 4: Meet Artist DENIMU

Welcome to Day 4 of New Directions in DENIM. Today we enter the world of Ian Berry, also known as DENIMU. He is an incredibly gifted artist with a most unusual medium. Denimu describes his art medium as ‘denim on denim’. Yes, he uses the different shades of the actual denim fabric and glues or sews them on a stretched denim. Now that my friend, is a most exciting new direction in denim! Thanks to Ian Berry!
‘The Artist who Turns Jeans into Works of Art’

Let’s hear it from Catto Gallery UK
We all love denim, don’t we? It’s the great democratic fabric, worn by everyone from the farmer to the aristocrat, the manual worker to the oligarch.

But for the British artist Ian Berry, it is so much more. It’s probably fair to say, Ian is obsessed. This is the guy who changed his stage name to Denimu and made a career out of turning jeans into works of art.

Ian conjures remarkably detailed portraits and urban landscapes using nothing more than discarded jeans. Over many weeks he cuts, stitches and glues using only the varying shades of the fabric to provide contrast and shadow. The effect is amazingly detailed images, with a depth and texture that is hard to reproduce in print and online. From cattogallery.co.uk

“Ms Jean”
Denim on Denim, 900×900, 2010
Image Source
Ian’s denim epiphany came during a trip back to his childhood home in Huddersfield. During a big clear-out session, Ian found himself staring at a big pile of unwanted jeans destined for the charity shop. Affectionate memories came flooding back, along with a wave of tactile enthusiasm for the fabric. At that point, he knew he’d found the key to his artistic career.

Ian began his artistic experiments with denim while working as an art director in London and Sydney. Despite building a successful career and creating campaigns for brands such as Nissan, Guinness and Talisker Whiskey, the call of the rivets and seams was too deafening to ignore.Read more on cattogallery.co.uk
“Brighter Side of Life”
Denim on Denim, 500×400, 2011
Image Source
Click here to watch this interview of IAN Berry aka DENIMU on BBC

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