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Keeping Christ in Christmas 3: Nativity Art from Around The World

Today we continue with the  ‘ways to keep Christ in Christmas’. We will also learn how we can pay it forward this Christmas and throughout the New Year 2013.

For our art feature, we look at Nativity paintings, prints and fiber art from around the world.Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas
Source: 10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas from About dot Com
Numbers 5 & 6 of 10

5) Take a group Christmas caroling in a nursing home or a children’s hospital:
One year the staff at the office where I worked decided to incorporate Christmas caroling at a nearby nursing home into our yearly staff Christmas party plans. We all met first at the nursing home and toured the facility while singing Christmas carols. Afterwards, we headed back to our party with our hearts full of tenderness. It was the best staff Christmas party we’d ever had.

6) Give a surprise gift of service to each member of your family:
Jesus taught us to serve by washing the disciples feet. He also taught us that it is “more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35 (NIV) The idea of giving an unexpected gift of service to members of your family is to demonstrate Christ-like love and service. You might consider giving a back rub to your spouse, running an errand for your brother, or cleaning out a closet for your mother. Make it personal and meaningful and watch the blessings multiply.

Personal Note:
Let us learn the ways in which we can PAY IT FORWARD this Christmas and throughout the New Year 2013. Love and kindness should not just go round and round our family and circle of friends. We need to spread the ‘goodness’ around. 
  1. Be attentive wherever you are for opportunities to help someone. Perhaps you have an elderly or disabled neighbor who is too proud to ask for help with their yard work or maybe you’re in a restaurant and see someone who looks like they could use some kind stranger to pay for their meal. You can change people’s attitudes about the world through your unobtrusive acts of kindness.
  2. Do something nice for someone you don’t know (or don’t know very well). It should be something significant, and not for a person from whom you expect a good deed — or anything at all, for that matter — in return.
  3. Spread the word. If the person thanks you and wants to “repay” you (that is, pay it “back”), let them know that what you’d really like is for them to pay it “forward” — you’d like them to do something nice for three people they don’t know, and ask those three people to do something nice for three more people. The idea is to consciously increase the goodness of the world.
  4. Pay it forward. When you notice that somebody has done something nice for you, make a note in your mind to practice three acts of kindness towards other people, as described in Step 3.
Nativity Three
Painting by Kate Cosgrove, USA
Image from Fine Art America


Image from EBAY

San Blas Islands
Image Source

Nativity Patch Art
from PERU
Image from NOVICA

The Nativity
by London-Irish painter Brian Whelan, ENGLAND
Brian Whelan’s painting Nativity- a powerful, richly textured work with a black skinned Madonna and child and some playful  modern  touches. 
Image & Info Source

The Nativity-Tree of Life
By Artist Eva Campbell,BULGARIA
Image Source

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