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Simple Homemade Christmas Gifts 2- Handpainted Shirts

Handpainted Shirts are a great way to say I love you to the young and the young at heart in your family. Handpainting shirts takes a lot of planning, time and effort. It will surely mean a lot to the creator-giver and the beloved-receiver.
Here are some design ideas 
for handpainted shirts:
Handpainted Shirts by Loud Shirts
Draw a cartoon-like version of you and your spouse. It’ll be something he/she will treasure for a long time. 
Handpainted shirts by Ali Express
I love the kissing gesture on this one, great for making a his and hers version of the shirt.

Handpainted Shirt Designs 
by Polina Ben-Sira
Check out her fabulous handpainted shirts

I love the way Polina maximizes the use of space. Normally, designs are concentrated at the centre of the shirt. Look how far her design extends –from the shoulders all the way to the bottom of the shirt.

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