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Recycling RUBBER 5: TIREllery

When we think of tires we think of road & dirt. Here are some tire recycling endeavours that have given discarded tires an exciting new identity —Worn Out Tires to Worn on Neck/Body
Recycled Bicycle Tire Jewellery
by Christiane Diehl

Image & Info Source
From German artist, Christiane Diehl comes necklaces created from recycled bicycle inner tubes and rubber bands. The results are extremely appealing and have interested cycling enthusiasts, designers and appreciators of fine jewelery from all around the world. Read more about this designer & her works… 

Recycled Bicycle Tire Jewellery

Recycled Bicycle Tire Jewellery
Urban Lace: Elegant Jewelry Made from Recycled Bike Inner Tubes

Info & Image Source

With its line of elegant-yet-rugged jewelry, a Portland-based company is giving new meaning to the term ‘cycle chic.’ Urban Lace (previously known as Inner Beauty) has a full line of filigreed cuffs, necklaces, earrings, and masks (yes, masks ), all made from recycled bicycle inner tubes from. The company, which was founded by designer Barbi Touron , who started cutting up inner tubes in her garage to make jewelry back in 2006, now produces highly durable jewelry that not only looks chic, but also diverts old bike tubes from the landfill. Click through to see Urban Lace’s full line of rubber creations! 
Alsea Necklace
by Urban Lace
Made from recycled bicycle inner tube rubber
The rubber, which can take several decades to decompose in a landfill, is strong, flexible and waterproof and when Touron’s through with it, it’s fashionable, too. Pieces in the line retail online for $30 to $50. Info Source
Urban Lace: Elegant Jewelry Made from Recycled Bike Inner Tubes

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