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Briefs on Bottled Water (6) – Water Bottle Crafts

It’s Craft Day on Daily Dose of Art. To continue with our “Briefs on Bottled Water” feature, I bring you two projects recycling water bottles. This is not to encourage the consumption of bottled water, but just to find some use for empty bottles you already have lying around. Make art not trash!

Recycled Water Bottle Bracelets
Image Source

I found this photo on the internet and thought I should try it out and share with you:
empty water bottle
crafting threads, needle
lace, ribbons, charms and other add-ons

Here are the steps:

  1. Cut the bracelet base, following the natural contour of the bottleĀ (3/4 to an inch wide, & for length: try on cut plastic for desired length and shorten accordingly)
  2. Cut 2 identical pieces of felt to cover the outside and inside of bracelet.(a bit wider than bracelet base to leave room to sew together)
  3. For the outer felt cover of the bracelet: add ribbons, buttons and whatever you can use to enhance your design
  4. Put the plastic bracelet base between the two felt pieces, sewing the felt pieces together using the needle and crafting thread
  5. Your project is done! Enjoy wearing your recycled water bottle bracelet

Check out some easy to make Water Bottle Crafts on FaveCrafts

Container Gardening
using Recycled Water Bottles

Container Gardening
Photo taken at The Mayflower Inn
A Heritage & Permaculture Inspired Hotel
Cebu, Philippines

Supplies needed:
  • empty water bottle container
  • cotton yarn or cotton rope (1/8″)
  • soil
  • water
  • seeds

    For complete step-by-step instructions on container gardening using water bottles, please refer to this post on Self-Reliant Sisters

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