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Saints of Creative Spirits (2): St.Paul, the Saint of Writers

We continue with this week’s special feature called “Saints of Creative Spirits”. We look into the lives of the patron saints of creative spirits like artists, dancers, musicians and writers.

Today, I bring you Saint Paul, the Patron Saint of Writers.
What is a saint? What is a patron saint?
St. Paul
Patron Saint of Writers
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St. Paul
Patron Saint of Writers
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Why is St. Paul the Patron Saint of Writers?

Because he was a prolific contributor to the New Testament from his fourteen letters largely written to churches which he had founded or visited.

How is St. Paul represented in Christian Art?

Saint Paul, Patron Saint of Writers, is represented in Christian Art as a man holding a sword and a book.
Feast Day: June 29th / 30th. 

Check out paintings, frescos and murals depicting St. Paul, Patron Saint of Writers

Learn more about Saint Paul on Wikipedia and Catholic-Saints

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