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FRUITful Designs (1): Japan’s Fruitty Bus Stops

The healthiest part of my day is my breakfast. My husband and I make sure we share a plate of assorted cut fruit to have a healthy start to our day. So, I thought why not make a whole week’s post on fruit. I figured there must be lots of fruit-inspired creations out there. This week I share with you my discoveries in a special feature called “FRUITful Designs”.

Today I bring you Japan’s Fruitty Bus Stops.

Excerpts from:
Giant Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops 
Line Streets in Japan
by Helen Morgan on INHABITAT

Japan is known for its imaginative design, and now they’ve even taken boring bus stops and re-invented them as gigantic fairy tale fruits! Inspired by the pumpkin carriage from Cinderella, these juicy shelters are shaped like watermelons, strawberries, tomatoes, and oranges. Who knew sitting and waiting for the bus to come could be so much fun?

Giant Strawberry Bus Stop
Konagai, Japan

Image Source
The 16 quirky bus stops are located in Konagai, Japan (part of Isahaya City in Nagasaki) and were originally constructed for the 1990 Travel Expo. In order to attract arriving visitors, the stands have become a local tourist attraction in the region, scattered among the surrounding landscape. And of course the giant fruit shapes are a tasty reminder that even bus stop design doesn’t have to be dull and un-inviting.Info Source
Giant Cantaloupe Bus Stop
Konagai, Japan
Image Source
View other fruitty bus stops on the Ishaya City and Ameblo websites

Here’s how the Fruitty Bus Service Map looks like:

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