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ELEPHANTastic! (6) – How to Make An Elephant Key Ring

It’s Craft Day again on Daily Dose of Art. As part of this week’s special feature called “ELEPHANTastic” I will show you how to make Elephant Key rings (or bag charms) using a shopping bag from Tang’s department store.

Elephant Key Ring-Bag Charm Project
original project created by Paulina Constancia

I have been keeping these beautiful images from a Tang’s shopping bag. It was no ordinary bag, it was a  commemorative  shopping bag for the period that The Elephant Parade made their stop in Singapore. 

If you are curious to learn more about The Elephant Parade before starting with today’s project, then please scroll down for more information. But for those of you who are just eager to make elephant key rings, then let’s get started, amigos!

How to Make 
Elephant Key rings
(or Bag Charms)
Repurposing Elephant Parade Shopping Bags
(from Tang’s Department Store, Singapore)

Step 1
Gather your materials:
-nice paper bag design-
-nice coordinating scrapbook paper-
-scissors(big & small)- 
-paper glue stick-
Step 2
Divide paper bag image,this is a good thing to do 
before doing detailed cutting
No Tang’s Elephant Parade Bag? What to do?
Find an elephant silhouette on the internet that you can use as a pattern. Here are some samples: image 1 (with detail which you can add using a sharpie later on) and image 2 (for a more detailed contour)

Step 3

Cut coordinating paper to size and glue on the back 
of the elephant ‘square’
Step 4
Cut detailed curves of elephants
*This is how they should look 
when they are cut and ready to be laminated.
Here’s an option if you’re making your own pattern:
If using silhouette image 1 for example, this is when you work the details on your elephant using a sharpie(fine permanent marker), like the black outline that’s more obvious on the grey elephant in the picture.

Step 5
One A4 sheet will do for three elephants.
Make sure you leave enough gap between them, 
for easy cutting later on.

Step 6
Trim away excess plastic and punch a hole. 
*Remember not to cut too close to the elephant 
as this will open up the lamination.
Step 7
Attach key ring to the laminated & punched elephants. You can also add an eyelet to strengthen it.
Front of Elephant Key rings
Back of Elephant Key rings
Here comes‘The Parade of Elephants’! 

The Elephant Parade
Info Source
The Elephant Parade is the world’s largest open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues that seeks to attract public awareness and support for Asian elephant conservation.

Image Source

The rainforest “zoo-phant”, located at the entrance of the Singapore Zoo, was one of the 162 elephants on display during The Elephant Parade exhibition in Singapore.

It is Elephant Parade’s mission to be the world’s largest financial support organization for the Asian elephant, threatened with extinction. The open air art exhibitions create worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation: the elephant statues never go unnoticed by the wider public and mass media.

Elephant Parade’s concept is a unique combination of Art, Business and Charity. Art drives the value of the Elephant Parade: the life size elephant statues are exhibited in well-known cities and auctioned off at prestigious gala events. Smaller size hand painted limited edition replicas are sold in ‘Elephant Parade Gallery Stores’ and the Webshop. The more superior the quality of the Art, the more successful the Business, the higher the amounts raised for Charity.

Elephant Parade is not a charity, but it is probably the most charitable enterprise in the world. Part of all proceeds from Elephant Parade auctions and retail benefits various projects and organizations, dedicated to the conservation of the Asian elephant. To date, this unique concept made it possible to contribute over 4 million Euros to this goal, and is put to good use in projects varying from elephant hospitals and corridors to lobbying governments and research. 

Many Asian elephants have been saved and cured, but there are still thousands more that need our support.

View all the Elephants
Check out the cities they have already visited and those that they will still be visiting

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