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ELEPHANTastic! (2) – Painting Elephants

This week we look into the curious lives of elephants in a special feature called “ELEPHANTastic!”

Today I share with you the world of “Painting Elephants”.It was an unforgettable experience watching artist elephants paint for the first time while visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand. Upon seeing the pachyderm do his first strokes on canvas, I said to myself “don’t tell me he’s going to do a self-portrait.” And that’s exactly what he did -with bold, fluid, unhesitating strokes… Below I share with you some photos from that unforgettable moment with the painting elephants of Thailand. But I tell you, much as this moment looks good in pictures, the feeling of ‘awe and admiration’ is not quite the same when you see it live.

The Painting Elephants 
of Chiang Mai, Thailand
Photography by Paulina Constancia
Elephants paint on the canvas during new Guinness record attempt of most expensive painting by elephants at Maesa elephant camp in Chiang Mai province northern Thailand.
World Record
Maesa Elephant Camp created a painting by a group of the eight artist elephants which became of interest on the world stage when the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and the Guinness World Records acknowledged this special painting as “the Largest Painting by a Group of Elephants” and “the Most Expensive Painting by A Group of Elephants” respectively.

Some details about the painting:
Title:“Cold Wind, Swirling Mist, Charming Lanna I”
Artists:Kongkum,Wanpen,Kamsan,Lankam,Duanpen,Songpun,Punpetch and Pu Ood
Medium: non-toxic acrylic
Size: 2.40 metres wide and 12 metres long/8 panels:one per artist
Date Created: February 19, 2005 (& witnessed by the Guinness World Records)
Duration of Creation: 6 hours –with a short break of 15 – 20 minutes/hour for food/water/rest.

About the Purchase of the Artwork:
Buyer: Miss Panit Warin(Sinanta)
-a Thai born businessperson who lives in California
Price Purchased: 1.5 million baht (£20,660, US$39,000)
Painting consists of: two connecting canvas panels 
Where are they now? first panel was donated by Miss Panit to the Thai Government to be kept as a national treasure; second panel is on display at Maesa camp’s gallery.
Read more on the Maesa Elephant Camp website
Check out the world record on the Guinness website
To view more creations by Maesa camp’s elephant artists please visit  the Gallery Maesa website

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