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Living Lanterns (6) – How to Make a Lantern

It’s craft day at Daily Dose of Art! Today we will learn how to make Chinese Red Lanterns. It requires the simplest of materials-paper cups. And the best part is – this project comes from a website of a manager of a traditional Chinese lantern company in China. Their company has created lanterns for the biggest Lantern Festivals in the world – which means we are learning from the experts.

So get your cups ready and we’ll get started.

How to Make Chinese Red Lanterns 
Using Paper Cups
Paper cup
red paint
plastic rod
red cotton thread

On our visit to Chinatown last night, I saw this inspiring display of children’s handpainted paper lanterns and I thought I’d present you with another lantern project:

Paint Your Own Paper Lantern

Three Very simple steps: 
1. Buy plain white  paper lantern
2. Paint
3. Hang
Children’s Handpainted Lanterns
Chinatown, Singapore
Photo by Michael Wortman

If making the Paper Cup Lanterns and painting paper lanterns are too easy for you- try making this fancy Chinese Lantern instead:

How to make 
a fancy Chinese lantern


Seven main steps of making 
a fancy traditional Chinese lantern

  1. Preparation of wood materials
  2. Building the frame
  3. Paperhanging on the frame
  4. Decorative your fancy lantern with paper-cutting
  5. Assembling the frame
  6. Installing the string which hang the fancy lantern
  7. Place candle inside the fancy lantern
Follow this link for details & instructional videos


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