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PAWPAW Power (4) – Papaya Products

On a recent trip to my hometown of Cebu, I helped out in harvesting papayas at the KPAF. This first papaya harvesting experience made me ask myself ‘how much do I really know about this fruit? this tree?’ So this week we look into the world of papayas in a special feature called PAWPAW Power. Pawpaw is another name for Papaya. Today, I bring you – ‘Papaya Products’.

Here is a sampling of the wide variety of Papaya products available in the market today: dried papaya, papaya juice concentrate, papaya liquid meat tenderizer, papaya leaf tea, papaya soap and papaya enzyme facial mask.

Disclaimer:I don’t necessarily endorse these products they are just some of the interesting ones I found while researching Papaya products available in the market today.

R & M Dried Papaya
Manufactured by R & M
Cebu, Philippines

3V 100% Natural Papaya Juice 
Manufactured by 3V
Place of Origin: New York, USA

3V 100% Natural 
Liquid Meat Tenderizer
Papaya contains the enzyme Papain that breaks down 
all types of meat within seconds.
Manufactured by 3V
Place of Origin: New York, USA

Choui Fong Papaya Leaf Tea 
certified fully organic
Organic Papaya Leaf Tea 50g
Calica Papaya – certified organic – 50g packs. Natural health drink. Over 50 active ingredients occurring naturally in papaya leaf including Vitamins A, C, E and B17 and Papain enzyme. 
Produced by Choui Fong Papaya Leaf Tea

Benefits of Likas Papaya Soap:
Unlike ordinary soap, Likas Papaya Soap is full
of ingredients that lift away impurities without over drying or over moisturizing your skin. Likas Papaya Soap gently renews your skin making it look naturally healthy. Enriched with Papaya and blended with tropical herbs to beautify the skin. Likas Papaya Soap is an Organic, All Natural product. 
No harsh chemicals or fillers. 
Manufactured by Trinidad Cosmetics Laboratory, Inc.
Papaya Enzyme Facial Mask
Manufactured by ALBA BOTANICA, USA
Have a taste or touch of PAPAYA in your life!

2 comments on “PAWPAW Power (4) – Papaya Products

  1. Finn Hyttel
    October 24, 2012

    Hello Pauline,
    I have with interest read your Blog regarding Papaya and it is interesting that I came across it today in my papaya research.

    I am researching manufactures which is producing papaya healthy products for people and pets.

    The reason for my research into papaya is that I over the last four weeks have been using fresh green papaya and cooked out the juice and mixed the juice with green tee. Already after one week I can feel that it help on my arthritis and it is just getting better day for day.

    From your Blog I understand that you have participated in the harvest of the papayas in your home town. What are you using the papayas for?

    If you have other information or name of other manufactures which produce papaya products or related web sites I would be very interesting to be able to use those in my research.

    Thank you and best regards,

  2. Paulina Constancia
    October 24, 2012

    Hello Finn! Thanks for dropping by. Am glad to hear that you have learned a thing or two from my PAWPAW Power posts. With regards to the papaya we grow– it is mostly for our own consumption. We eat them fresh or make yummy Cebuano-style pickled papaya (Atchara). Whatever excess we have from the harvest, we share with our guests and staff. So everybody is happy and healthy with a delicious serving of our organic papayas.

    If I come across some other interesting Papaya info, will send you a link…all the best with your research! Paulina

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