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The Art & & Science of ROBOTICS (3) – Dance-a-lot ROBOT

One of the things I thank robots for is getting my two-year old son to learn new dance steps. I am talking about a particular robot on Disney Junior named “Dance-a-lot Robot”.

A robot with rhythm teaches preschoolers simple original dance steps, including: The Dinosaur Stomp; The Race Car; The Frog; The Fire Truck; The Clock; The Flower; The Choo Choo Train; and many more. The music of Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh is featured in this short-form series that is a hybrid of live-action, 3D CGI and flash animation.(Source: The Disney Channel)
 Watch Dance-a-lot teaching kids how to do the Dinosaur Dance
Disney Junior offers many Dance-a-lot Robot Activities on Line
Check them out

Here are a couple of free activities from the Disney Junior Website:

Print & Color Dance-a-lot ROBOT (Image Source)


Build Dance-a-lot ROBOT (Image Source)


Learn to dance like a FROG with Dance-a-lot Robot

For Dance-a-lot MP3 Downloads go to AMAZON

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