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MIDSUMMER series (4) -The Sweet Summery Sound of Lisa Ekdahl

Why do Scandinavian people celebrate Midsummer?????
Because here is the Summer that is up ahead…
“In the land where the sun never goes down, summer in Scandinavia is truly magical. Not only will you rub shoulders with happy and cheerful locals, you can also enjoy a plethora of fun outdoor activities such as water skiing, sailing, swimming, island hopping and BBQs in the archipelago, biking in the capitals and on Danish islands, and hiking in the mountains.” (Info Source)

As a little Midsummer Treat I bring you the sweet summery sound of Swedish singer LISA EKDAHL.  

A Little About LISA
Info Source

Lisa Ekdahl is a Swedish singer and song writer in popular music. She has so far published 10 albums, most of them in the Swedish language but some entirely in English. Her voice has been described as “child-like” and “soft, supple and smooth”.

In the winter of 1994 Lisa Ekdahl was brought into superstardom over night in Scandinavia. Lisa’s debut album sold quadruple platinum and gave her three grammy awards. Her laid back style, matched with her fragility and sensitivity has dazzled fans and critics alike.

Several European countries and especially France has fallen for her understated way of performing jazz standards, bossanova and original songs.

In 2001 Lisa released the bossa nova album “Lisa Ekdahl sings Salvadore Poe”. The album gained a lot of appreciation in several european countries, especially in France where the album sold gold.
Listen to the Sweet Summery Sound
of Swedish songbird LISA EKDAHL

“I Will Be Blessed” from her album
“Lisa Ekdahl sings Salvadore Poe”

Watch more videos of Lisa Ekdahl from her website

If the sun
Refused to shine
Down on me
‘Till the end of time
As long as i have your caress
Your tenderness
I will be blessed

If the stars
Refused their light
Just for me
They stayed out of sight
If you say you love me best
I won’t care less
I will be blessed

If the wind won’t blow your name
Until i’m still
I will
If it’s whispered from above
The highest hill
I will

If the moon
Up in the sky
Turned its face
From the lonely eye
I could never be distressed
Or love you less
I will be blessed


If you have read the little description of Scandinavian summers at the beginning of this post, you will understand where Lisa is coming from when she says on her website:

Dear Listeners:

This summer I will not do any shows.

Instead I will be hanging out in the hammock with family and friends and possibly write a song or two.

See you further on down the road.

Be well.

Photo Source
Thanks Lisa, thanks Scandinavia–
for reminding us not to miss out on the simple joys
of family, friends and warm weather!

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