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MIDSUMMER series (2)- The Making of a Floral Crown

On a recent visit to my hometown of Cebu, I was introduced to my family’s new found Swedish friend- Anna Hellsvik. She had been in Cebu for over two months on an internship with a local NGO. Before she returned to Sweden, we helped arrange for her to do a lecture/workshop about her home country at a social service facility. Anna did a powerpoint presentation about Sweden. Afterwhich, she talked about Midsommar and demonstrated how to make a floral crown. Below are photos from the workshop.
A Midsummer Floral Crown
in the Tropics
Make the crown base, some people use thin branches. For the demo, we used some recycled wire. Size it to fit your head. 
Tape up the end. Tie a thread 
about a meter long to the ring.
Anna demonstrates how to arrange the greens
with the flowers to make the floral crown.
Participants start making their crowns- using the thread to slowly wrap the greens and flowers around the ring.

Creativity in action!

Almost finished!
When you feel that your crown looks finished, 
secure tightly and knot thread.
Cut off any excess material.

I just love the look – 
more like a ‘wild flower crown’

Pretty proud to wear her creation.

The group proudly wearing their completed crowns with their new Swedish friend Anna

Thank you, Anna! 
Thank you, Sweden!

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