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Día del Padre series (3) – Like Father, Like Son

Father’s Day this year is June 17th. So this week, I bring you a special series called “Dia del Padre”

Today I bring you a special feature called, “Like Father, Like Son”. I have to admit that it was difficult finding sons who followed in their father’s footsteps. Does this mean that fathers are spending less time with their sons – having less opportunities to teach them the secrets of their particular trade? Could it be that less fathers are following their true passions and sons see that their fathers are miserable and vow to never follow their path?  

I originally wanted to bring you a ‘Like father, Like son’ feature from different trades. As it turns out, its easier to find sons who follow fathers in the entertainment business- particularly in the music industry. I bring you three great musicians/composers whom I greatly admire and their sons who have chosen to continue their legacy.

1. Leroy and Kurt Anderson -Father & Son 
Genre: Pops Orchestra Music
Photo Source
About Leroy Anderson
The music of Leroy Anderson is firmly entrenched in American popular culture. A composer of distinctive and delightful miniatures, his best-known works include Sleigh Ride, The Syncopated Clock and Blue Tango.(Info Source)

Kurt Anderson talks about his Dad…
“There are many composers who have written serious music, and some of them have done it quite well, but there are very few who have written music that makes you smile and I am proud to say that my father did that quite well.”
“Many find his music special because of his ability to depict everyday events and objects in an extraordinary way. Leroy Anderson has an old-fashioned clock do more than just go tick-tock and he takes us on an exhilarating sleigh ride even if there is no snow.”
“I am often asked what Leroy Anderson was like. That’s easy to answer. He was like his music. At the dinner table he would share, with great appreciation, simple yet witty word based jokes.(Info Source)

About Kurt Anderson
Kurt Anderson is a living treasure and a connection to the past when America enjoyed a love affair with the golden era of Pops music. His knowledge of his father’s music is the last word in authenticity, reflected in the personal experiences he shares with audiences and in his interpretation of these wonderful gems. And like his father, he conducts in a very efficient and economical style.(Info Source)

2.James and Ben Taylor – Father & Son
Genre: Folk Rock & Country Music
Photo Source

About James Taylor

He is one of America’s most beloved singers, defining the singer-songwriter movement of the 1970s. Taylor released his widely popular album Sweet Baby James in 1970 and has since released more than 16 albums.(Source).
Chances are, no matter what your taste of music is, at some point during your lifetime of listening to music you’ve heard a James Taylor song. James Taylor has a long and storied history in the music industry. From winning 5 Grammy Awards, to being inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in 2000, James continues to write chapters in his musical career. Having just wrapped up his highly successful 2010 Troubadour Reunion World Tour with Carol King, James is currently on the road with his son Ben Taylor.(Info Source)

About Ben Taylor

“I wanted to be anything but – I would have done anything not to follow my family into music. I wanted to make my own mark, and I’ve always loved being outside, working with animals,”  says Ben. “I thought I might be a gardener, or a ranger. But the music got me in the end. There were always instruments around the house when I was a kid, and we’d have all these amazing friends of my parents’ round. It was always there, and now it’s got me I can’t let go.”

Ben continues..”As far as I can tell, I don’t have any family members on either side who can’t throw it down when it comes right down to it. I was so inundated by talent, I never even started accepting my own musicality until I was a teenager. It took me even longer to start singing and writing songs.”

Ben’s impressive heritage can be heard in his music, but he’s no copycat. As a singer-songwriter, he has his own distinctive sound. But it’s hard to ignore his lineage.(Info Source)

3. Caetano and Moreno Veloso – Father & Son
Genre: Brazilian Music
Photo Source
About Caetano Veloso
He is considered one of the great songwriter-poets of the Portuguese language. His artistic brilliance lies in his ability to appropriate popular sounds, such as mainstream rock and jazz fusion instrumentation, without letting contemporary technique overwhelm his own personal style. Veloso’s albums embrace successive waves of pop music, from bossa nova to blues, acid rock and folk balladry, and, more recently, hip-hop and electronic music. Veloso skillfully uses each style to frame his calm, conversational vocals.(Info Source)

About Moreno Veloso
He began singing at the age of three, improving his natural skills while learning how to play classical guitar six years later. Veloso made his songwriting debut in 1982 with “Um Canto de Afoxé para Bloco Do lle,” which is featured on Caetano Veloso’s Cores, Nomes. Moreno Veloso became a Latin percussionist while still a teenager, touring with his father and Gilberto Gil before playing cello for Carlihnos Brown. Even when he began attending physics classes in the early ’90s, his interest in music was stronger. Around the same time, the young and promising artist built his own recording studio, mixing music for TV shows and plays. (Info Source)
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