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Earth Day Series (6) – Simple Living

April 22nd is Earth Day. This week April 16-22, I will be sharing with you ideas and projects to help create better awareness of environmental issues and develop interest to commit to help care for our home- planet Earth.
Mohandas Gandhi said, “There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.” He reminds us to keep our lives simple and have only what we truly need. This way, the earth can easily provide for all creatures of the earth.

Today’s Topic: Simple Living
Today’s Project: Making a “SIMPLE” Reminder
A Little Reminder 
on Your Journal Cover
to help you with your daily commitment
to Voluntary Simplicity
Concept by Paulina Constancia

Simple Living & Voluntary Simplicity
Source: Wikipedia

Simple living encompasses a number of different voluntary practices to simplify one’s lifestyle. These may include reducing one’s possessions or increasing self-sufficiency, for example. Simple living may be characterized by individuals being satisfied with what they need rather than want. Although asceticism generally promotes living simply and refraining from luxury and indulgence, not all proponents of simple living are ascetics. Simple living is distinct from those living in forced poverty, as it is a voluntary lifestyle choice.

Adherents may choose simple living for a variety of personal reasons, such as spirituality, health, increase in “quality time” for family and friends, work–life balance, personal taste, frugality, or reducing personal ecological footprint and stress. Simple living can also be a reaction to materialism and conspicuous consumption. Some cite socio-political goals aligned with the anti-consumerist movement, including conservation, degrowth, social justice, ethnic diversity and sustainable development.
Source: SimplicityCollective

According to the most prominent historian of the Simplicity MovementDavid Shi, the primary attributes of the simple life include: 

  1. thoughtful frugality; 
  2. a suspicion of luxuries; 
  3. a reverence and respect for nature
  4. a desire for self-sufficiency; 
  5. a commitment to conscientious rather than conspicuous consumption; 
  6. a privileging of creativity and contemplation over possessions; 
  7. an aesthetic preference for minimalism and functionality; 
  8. and a sense of responsibility for the just uses of the world’s resources.

More concisely, Shi defines voluntary simplicity as ‘enlightened material restraint.’

Our Project today “Make a SIMPLE Reminder” is not one specific thing. You have the option of choosing the wording and the medium. 

Wording Options
You can choose a quote on voluntary simplicity or you can make your own. Shorter is always better.

  1. Keep it SIMPLE.
  2. SIMPLI-City: The Best Place on Earth                       (coined by yours truly- Paulina Constancia)
  3. Outwardly SIMPLE, Inwardly RICH
  4. Live Simply so others may simply live.-Mother Teresa
  5. Live simply.
Here is an example:
The Best Place on Earth”

original slogan coined by Paulina Constancia

Medium Options
Choice of medium depends on what is more visible to you and to those you wish to share the message to.

  1. Stickers (for car bumpers or bike plates)
  2. Fridge Magnets
  3. Canvas Shopping Bag
  4. T-shirts
  5. Journal covers
  6. Calendars
A Simpli-city  Journal
A Simpli-city 
Canvas Shopping Bag

A Simpli-city Fridge Magnet

A Simpli-city T-Shirt
Yes,the possibilities are endless! 
And you can help spread the word about ‘Voluntary Simplicity’.

Check out these pages:

(a grassroots ‘network of imaginations’ dedicated to creatively exploring, promoting, and celebrating a materially simple but inwardly rich life. Our planet needs us to explore alternative ways to live, and one promising way to lessen our impact on nature is to reject the high-impact lifestyles of consumer culture and voluntarily embrace ‘a simpler life’ of reduced consumption.)
Choosing Voluntary Simplicity 
(About finding balance in your life, connecting with who you are, and creating a lifestyle where you wake up each morning eagerly anticipating the day ahead.)

“This is a wonderful collection of writings from diverse voices – some quite surprising – exploring voluntary simplicity as a path to wholeness and abundance and compassion. Practical, prayerful, fun.” — At The Center, St. Placid Priory Newsletter

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