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Spring Into Wellness

In some parts of the world, Easter time marks the start of Spring. So I thought I’ll play around with the Spring theme.  This week, April 9-15, I have some ideas and projects we can try  out that will help perk up the spirit.

Today our theme is “Spring Into Wellness” and our project is “Make Yourself a Wellness Journal”.

What does Spring mean?

I thought it would be fitting to mention this particular definition from Merriam-Webster(trans.verb/def #7): 
“to release or cause to be released from confinement or custody “
Our challenge today is ‘to release ourselves from the confinement of our sedentary lifestyles’. Watch Dr. Mike Evans’s riveting and motivating video about how little effort wellness requires.

Watch a Visual Lecture on WELLNESS
by Doctor Mike Evans

So what did you learn from the video? 
Somebody who goes by “The Wise Actor” commented on YouTube: 
“This video makes me want to do 2 things:
1) Walk or run 30 minutes a day and…
2) Find a white board to write and draw on!
So cool :)”
Watch a Visual Lecture on WELLNESS
by Doctor Mike Evans

So what 30 minute physical activity can you commit to that could easily be integrated into your daily life? How about taking the stairs instead of the escalator/lift? How about shaking your hips while watching the news? How about volunteering more to take the family dog out for a walk? How about biking instead of driving to work? As Dr. Evans says it, if we don’t have a whole 30 minutes we can divide this into three 10 minute segments to be accomplished throughout the day.

Make Yourself a Wellness Journal

I believe that it’ll be more meaningful when we make a note of our physical activities. Thus, starting a Wellness Journal is key. Write about the form of physical activity, the duration, how you felt before and after the activity. If walking/running in the park, write about the interesting things you saw/observed. You will find that the journal writing may help you stay faithful to your commitment to wellness. 

Here is an example of a Wellness Journal
with a personal reminder to adhere to 
your 30 minute commitment to wellness
cover design by paulina constancia

Here are the Steps:
Step 1– Buy a journal with black or white hard cover.
Step 2 On Cardstock paper, print text like example above 
“My 30 minutes to Wellness” or you can make a unique collage Step 3– Laminate and Cut.
Step 4– Adhere to journal cover using double sided tape.
Wellness Journal from Moleskine
Check it out
Image Source: Clker
is man’s best medicine.”

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