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Mandala Inspirations (3) – Mini Mandala Designer

During a recent visit to my hometown, I discovered that most of my family have a new found passion for making mandalas. My family is always looking for new adventures for mind, body and spirit. Thus, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the world of mandalas landed on their doorstep, or should I say, that they found themselves knocking on mandala’s door. This week, from March 19-24 we will explore the world of mandalas and other Mandala-inspired works of art.
Today we will learn how to make mini mandalas. Meet my nephew Liam, a 12 year old mandala enthusiast who enjoys combining shapes and coordinating colors. He uses the Ravensburger Mini Mandala- Designer CLASSIC Kit and colour markers to create beautiful one-of-a-kind mandalas.


Liam, a 12 year old mandala enthusiast,
 demonstrating the use of the Mini Mandala Designer Kit

Here are Liam’s STEPS to creating mini mandalas:
Step 1- Use your Ravensburger Mandala Designer Kit
or a combination of stencils and a compass
Step 2- Trace the shapes onto your paper 
Step 3- When your design outline is complete,
choose your colours
Step 4- Color your mandala 
and draw in extra details as you go along.
Your mandala is now complete!
Indeed, Mandala making is a great way to keep kids busy and out of trouble. It also helps to develop their ability to plan, focus and persist. It helps if a parent/adult sits with them through the process or they make individual mandalas together as a great ‘bonding activity’. Given children’s short attention span, the Mini-Mandala Designer Kit is perfect because children can finish it at a shorter time than the bigger mandalas for adults.

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at Fat Brain Toys
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