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Mini Brag Book

I first heard of the term brag book from my best friend Luchi in Chicago. It’s supposed to be some kind of trend for wives/mothers to carry one around. But you see, not all women carry a big purse. Some prefer compact sling purses. So I thought of this little project. Instead of the snap purse brag book that holds 4″ x 6″ photos,  I’ve used a business card album. 
Thanks to my Japanese neighbour Misa Imai, whom I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I had the luxury of choosing among her wide array of exquisite quilting fabric. I picked this one by ChanteClaire which is perfect for this Play Moments Mini Brag Book project.

“Play Moments”
mini-brag book crafted by Paulina Constancia

You’ll Need…
business card mini-album
quilting fabric with kids’ theme
self-stick round velcro
double-sided tape
white or coloured card stock
white glue

Let’s Begin…

  1. Iron fabric and cut to size, leaving enough allowance for folding at least half an inch all around.
  2. Stick one side of double sided tape on front and back of the album.
  3. Remove tape protector and stick fabric (excluding excess) onto album making sure it’s adhering nice and flat. (one side at a time)
  4. Cut allowance around the bone of the album and apply just a touch of white glue to edge to prevent threads from coming loose.
  5. Fold excess fabric on front and stick to album using double sided tape. Do the same for the back.
  6. Cut card stock paper (about 2 1/2 ” x 4″)and adhere to finish insides of both front and back cover pages.
  7. Make an album belt (about 3 1/2″ long)by using card stock paper covered in the same fabric. 
  8. Use double sided tape to secure belt to back of album. And for the front, use round velcro.
  9. For your photos, crop-copy-paste to fit business card template on Word.

And there you go, your book is ready.. start bragging, hahahahaha

One comment on “Mini Brag Book

  1. luchi Fernan
    February 18, 2012

    Pau this is so cute, I will have to make one of these…:)

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